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Theatre review round up

Not blogged for a while, mainly because ‘life stuff’ keeps getting in the way, but here’s a round up of my most recent theatre reviews. There are two excellent plays playing at Sheffield Crucible at the moment – Of Kith … Continue reading

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Plays, Books, Films etc

I’ve not blogged for a while so thought I’d bring you up to speed with things I’ve seen, read and listened to over the last few weeks: Theatre: Tribes – Sheffield Crucible This is the regional premiere of Nina Raine’s … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks: Episode 1 & 2 – initial thoughts

Well, I’ve just watched the first two episodes of the new season of Twin Peaks and, while I’m still processing exactly what went on, here are some initial thoughts. Some spoilers for the first two episodes of the new season … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks: It Is Happening Again….

It’s fair to say that Twin Peaks changed the TV landscape forever. When it first debuted in 1990, television was staid and conventional. Storytelling was told in a linear fashion, everything was usually wrapped up by the episode’s end, and … Continue reading

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Happy birthday (and, erm, death day) William Shakespeare.

23rd April, as well as being St George’s Day,  marks William Shakespeare’s birthday (if records are correct) and also the day he died. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d remember some of the best Shakespeare adaptions I’ve seen. I’m … Continue reading

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The rise of Jigsaw TV: This Is Us and Big Little Lies

Television used to be a pretty straightforward affair. Simple tales, told in a linear fashion, wrapped up with a happy ending. Then along came Lost, with its flashbacks, its flashforwards and its flash-sidwards. There’d been non-conventional story-telling devices used before, … Continue reading

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